Current Projects

I tend to keep myself busy; mentally and emotionally I need distracting.

Usually I have half a dozen current projects going on at the same time, including written projects, art projects and everything in between. I dabble, and I mean that seriously. Over the past year, a few things I have attempted to do include learning how to speak Japanese, which may come in use in the real world, however, I have also learned how to communicate with a hand fan… Unless I suddenly get transported back to a Victorian age that may prove to be useless.

At the moment I have two official current art projects. Both, surround people I know, dropping them into an illustrated comic world. I want to give these people a sense of immortality; they can go out into the world and change but in these worlds they will always be their on the paper I drew them on. Like a photograph it can show them what they were like.

In the Secret Art Leagues Case, there is a definite significance. I went to university with these people, there is the lingering thought that the only way I may see these people again is though social networking sites or if possible on TV if they do something to become famous.
Currently, we are in a world of flux. The real people may have gone out into the real world. But fictionally, they can still be their altered selves in the past. To me, that is why I consider this project valuable. Not only does it show memories and show people in an alternate reality that can always be altered. But the people I have met and memories I have made surrounding this project, I don’t want to forget.

The Secret Art League was first created as a collaboration thought. I first figured I’ll treat this project like I was an illustrator. Each step I took I would show the people involved in this project and get them to approve. However, like the characters I create in the fictional world I soon found that I couldn’t just treat these characters like they were just some professional thought, just getting me from point A to B. In the end, these characters were created by people I know/knew. I slowly developed a bond with these characters. To me the artwork became precious, as although I didn’t truly own each of the characters I am still responsible for their fates and actions.

Twisted Sisters. Doesn’t have the same underlying principle as The Secret Art League. Twisted Sisters, shows the relationship between me and my biological sister, Natalie and occasions it involves the participation of two other artists, who I basically grew up with. It doesn’t give a hint to the past or tell a story. It’s just me and these people having a bit of fun.  Twisted Sisters, shows moments what we want to show with others.