Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“What happened to you yesterday?” Yuuki asked before I could even think about sitting down in our form room. Sunny cream paint and red plastic furniture, someone missed the memo this school is for 12-19 year olds. Yuuki sat on top of her table. It had become an accepted fact; she didn’t sit on a chair unless she wanted to.

“You wouldn’t believe me. Even if I told you.” I groaned, slamming my head on the table, in the middle of the room, trying to recall how I got here. My head had been drifting in and out of attention.

“Try me.” I’m sure she is smiling.

“A guy called Hades tried to kidnap me.” It gets more and more ridiculous every time I think if it. Yuuki on cue began laughing in hysterics, and there was a bang to the other side of me. Sophia had slammed her book down and I have a feeling Yuuki would slam into the floor if she isn’t careful.

“Yuuki, that isn’t funny.”

“Come on. It is a bit… Ok a lot.” She sniggered.

“I’m with Sophia. You weren’t the one involved.” I grumbled into the table holding up a hand as if to prove a point.

“If a three headed dog suddenly-,”

“Yuuki!” Sophia scolded; it’s then due to the clamminess of the table, I lifted my head to find Yuuki had been plaiting the ends of my hair.

“What? You have to admit owning a three headed dog would be cool.”

“It would bite your head off in three seconds, Yuuki.” All of our attentions were caught. Turning to our left to stare at the brunette boy who had interrupted us. Sports science man, Herk. It’s only a shock because he is hardly seen. He is either, absent from school life or absent from the school building and off training somewhere.

“Are you saying that because, you have proof it will eat me that quick? Or are you saying that because I’m a woman?” Yuuki asked.

“Don’t answer that. You won’t win.” I butted in, as it looked as if he is about to defend himself.

“Fine.” He sighed.

Everyone tried to look alive as our old beyond his years form tutor limped in. Possibly, after having another sleepless night drinking whiskey. Not sure why we have to look alive, when he looks partly dead anyway.

“So, what’s brought you down the real world?” Sophia asked, paying attention to her book, anything to ignore the balding tutor.

Herk shrugged, “I came to see what’s new.”

“They give out a newsletter to tell you that.”

“They give out information about students?”

“If you’re after gossip, you are in the wrong room.” I muttered. He can’t have forgotten that for gossip he needs to be downstairs, turn left and enter the sixth door on the right. Or basically, room 35B and ask for Maria or Rose.

“Is it wrong to see what is happening in the background?”

“YES.” Me, Yuuki and Sophia disclosed. Nothing really gets kept a secret around here, if someone outside our social groups found out about it. This school played an awesome game of Chinese Whispers. If someone besides Yuuki and Sophia at school found out about what happened yesterday, in a few days the whole building will know a variant form of what happened. Chances are the story will be that I went off with a man travelled to some other country and assassinated someone.

“I have to be getting to my exam.” Sophia declared after glancing up at the clock. It reminded me of something else that happened.

“I got into Edinburgh.” I said, in an unsure low tone. I’m not sure how they would take it. They froze, stopping their packing and turned to me wide eyed.

“What?” Sophia demanded.

“Have you told your mum? How did she take it?” Yuuki pushed.

“Why isn’t anyone seeing this as a good thing?” I commanded.

“Hey. I haven’t expressed that it is a bad thing. I am pretty annoyed that you made plans to get out of here, when our plan was to wait.” Yuuki explained.

“It’s because someone like you is only supposed to go to one place.” Herk said while leaving.

“I now remember the reason I put him on my hate list.” Yuuki thought out loud. We got rid of that list a few years ago, after it grew to two sheets of A4 paper and she began planning on how she would kill some of them.

“I’m going to be late.” Sophia sighed rushing. “The important thing is you are happy and are doing what you want to do.” She said before running out of the door.

“How did your mum take it?” Yuuki reminded me.

“She ignored it. As usual.” I shrugged, picking up my bag.

“By that logic, you should be able to leave for Scotland and she will probably ignore it.”

“That logic only works in a different universe.”

“Forget Edinburgh then. Head for NASA!”

We headed off down to the ground floor. Yuuki had to prepare for the final part of her art exam; I’m left by the window in the nearly empty canteen with a cup of tea.

It’s a nice day, I would have gone out if it hadn’t have been the bad experiences in the past 24 hours. I had to settle for the sterile like feeling of the baby blue cafeteria. Listening to the mindless chatter of the year twelve girls sat in front of the year thirteen-gossip crew.

It isn’t long before something caught both groups attention. Nothing new there. Chances are one of the football teams were heading out to play without their tops on… again.

“Who is he?” The first question they asked, while they pressed their faces up against the window. So, maybe not a football team, or a new football player?

I kept myself occupied playing on Yuuki’s iPad. Whatever caught their attention would soon go and I might feel less claustrophobic and uncomfortable when they move.

A discussion about looks came in detail. Those who loved the, ‘bad boy’ look are picturing themselves in a romance novel.

“Who is he staring at?” Things became more uncomfortable. I felt a dozen eyes dig into me, making me look up. If we were in the wild, they would probably be pouncing on me like I’m lunch.

I strained myself to look out the window to see what had caused the change in the status quo.

I had to bite my lip to stop myself screaming in horror.

“What is he doing here?” I groaned. Someone please call the asylum! Hades stood outside wearing an open black leather jacket and worn blue jeans, staring straight at me. Hence, maybe why I was feeling uncomfortable before the crowd formed around me.

“You know him?” One of the dark haired girls demanded.

“Not exactly.” I replied. Do I know him? I’m not even sure of his real name.

Noticing I had finally made eye contact with him he gestured to me to come out. I wanted to shake my head. I couldn’t understand why he is here, in front of an audience of all things. That’s the reason I told myself I should go out. Not because deep inside I wanted to see him, but because I wanted to know if he is stupid.

The audience possibly helped. At least if he tried carrying me off, or anything, one person may tell the police what really happened.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned walking closer to him. He uncrossed his arms and began to smile. My heart skipped a beat, seeing him like this.

“Not here. Let’s go somewhere a bit more private.” He said turning to walk, expecting me to follow him.

“I don’t know you and you’re expecting me to follow you?”

“Yes.” He called still walking.

“I’m not following you.” I sulked, not realising I had taken a few steps so he would hear that.

“Yes you are.” He laughed.

I huffed before following him. What’s happening to me? Normal me wouldn’t have even stepped out of school.

I kept a few feet behind him and remained standing and in the sunlight while he sat under the shade of a tree on the field.

“You can sit.” He said patting the ground next to him.

“No, I think following you here, is breaking enough of my rules. Sitting next to you, will mean I will have an internal monologue.” Me, talking to myself about second guesses on who I am, is something I should always avoid. “And I probably shouldn’t have told you that.” I mumbled. Where’s my shut up button? Or at least the filter on my brain, that tells me what to say?

“Well, at least sit down.”

Reluctantly, I sat, crossed legged, where I stood. Still facing him.

“Who are you?” I demanded.

“Now. That is the awkward part. You won’t believe me. But I think you know who I am. You’ve taught yourself not to believe it.”

“You think you are Hades?”

“I know who I am.” He grinned showing perfectly white teeth. I partly wanted to believe who he is, but shot that idea down. It’s almost like he could read my mind because when I thought about believing him, even for a second, I swear his facial expression changed. He looked friendly, but the face I saw made me think he’s about to kidnap me, no questions asked or answered.

“I have to go.” I told, working at standing up. Before I could stand fully, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the ground again. Almost pulling me on top of him, managing to land on the ground at last second.

“What was that for?” I yelped, pulling my arm from his hand.

“I’m not ready for you to go yet.” He replied. I stared at him, this time in disbelief.

“Well, I am ready to go.” I put bluntly.

He pulled me back again, this time knocking me back so I lay out on the ground. I expected the feeling of fear to come over me as he caged me in. The only way I could really get out is if he moved one of his arms. The other option is to shimmy down until I’m out from under his arms. I had a feeling the latter, wouldn’t work, due to the amount of time it would take.

“I’m not ready for you to leave yet.” He growled. Instead of feeling fear, another feeling came over me. I studied his face for a second, while I tried to make sane sense of the plan in my head. Chances are it may not work, but at the moment the foreign lust side of me is overpowering my head.

Working with that. I threw my arms around his neck and dragged his lips to mine.

Once, sure I had caught him off guard. I managed to move, faster than I thought.

And I ran.

I think I may have left part of me behind with him. A part of me is telling me off for running away.

I tried to make the kiss as short as possible but it still felt, I cannot believe I am saying this, right. In that one kiss I felt a connection, different to any other kisses I have had, it is like a bond is already there.

“You can’t avoid me forever, Persephone!” He shouted.

I turned to see the empty space where he had been sitting. He could have ran off… There’s no way someone could disappear.

I walked back towards the school building thinking about what he means. I then noticed that the groups that had pressed their faces up against the window, were stalking their way out on to the field.

I’m going to be conversation of gossip for the next few days. Or at least until, everyone in year thirteen had left. Possibly even after that… I should have tried thinking of kicking Hades instead of kissing him.

“Who is he?”

“What is he to you?”

“Can I have his number?” Those and more questions were what I got bombarded with.

“He’s a guy!” I had no idea what else to say. I felt oddly protective, instead of angry with him. I didn’t want to give any more details.

“Who is he?” I don’t really know. He’s some obsessed guy.

“What is he to me?” Answer- An annoyance that I’m, oddly, interested in.

“Can you have his number?” I don’t think he’s ever been in a phone book, never mind own a mobile.

“Is he your boyfriend?” One of them grilled. My answer would be NO! Capital N, capital O, half a dozen exclamation marks with a horrified face next to it.

“Why would she need someone else when she has me?” Suddenly a heavy arm is thrown around my shoulder. I jerked out of his hold due to stab what went through me when Herk’s arm touched me. I knew he’s trying to help.

In the end, I’d still end up in that same hole. Only he would be the cause. I guess half the questions would disappear; they might not pester me for Hades and my relationship details, not that there is much good to say.

“I thought you had a girlfriend out of town?” Gossip queen number two, Maria Whitworth, announced. There is no need for the huff and the hair flick at the end of that statement.

With all eyes on him, I slowly began to move away. Herk could be grilled all he wanted, I’ll send a thank you card later.

I escaped to hide in the art cloakroom. Amazed to find the WiFi is better in here than the rest of the school. By the time Yuuki had finished and came out of the classroom to find me in-between bags, aprons and jackets, I felt as if I could have written the first few chapters of my autobiography.

“Why are you hiding in here?” Yuuki asked shaking cement dust out of her dark hair.

“There’s going to be a few rumours going around school.” I admitted.

“What did you do now? I told you, anything that will become major gossip, I want to be involved.”

“I don’t think you want to be involved. People are going to think me and Herk are going out.” An amused look appeared onto Yuuki’s face.

“And why would that be?” She grinned.

“Hades appeared. I followed him onto the field. And to save me from the questions Herk sort of lied I was going out with him.”

Yuuki, began laughing, ignoring the weird looks she got from passers who were leaving the same room she had come out of.

“We can’t leave you alone for two seconds.” She fell onto the bench next to me. “Now your going to tell me you and Hades had a make out session.” She gasped. I stayed silent for a moment.

“Err not exactly…” I mumbled.

“You’re joshing me?” Yuuki said in between her new laughing episode.

“He had me caught! I knew I couldn’t fight him off, so I surprised him… Then ran.”

“Oh. I wished I had been there to see that.” She breathed, wiping tears from her eyes.

“It wasn’t funny.” I groaned. Standing up, so at least we could get to a clear place before the break bell rang.

“It is. You’ve kissed a man called Hades and then ran. They so had the story wrong when it came to you.” She mused following me out into the corridor.

The common room is always too full, due to the amount applicants and acceptance rates that had increased over the year. Plus, I had yet another reason to avoid everyone.

Luckily, after break I had a reason to go and hide in the school reception. Trying to plead them to consider my circumstances about yesterday’s exam. It is up to the exam board to choose if they found truth in my, “I was called away on family business after a family member had a mental break down.” Excuse. I could have said a family member died, but knowing them, they would probably hunt down the dead body. At least they might respect the privacy of a mental patient.

Besides it feels like part of the truth. It felt like I had spent time with either a bunch of role players or some people who take mythology way to seriously for a hobby


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