Painting Project

The Good and the Bad (2016)

The idea behind this painting came from my latest depression cycle. I keep getting fed up of people telling me that the down mood will pass. The thing is I know it will pass, I remember the good times, but the problem is those memories do nothing to effect my mood when it is in that deep

Chasing those good times

The paranoid fairground

The Paranoid Fairground (2016)

Ok, I’ll admit this is felt tip and not paint.

The idea behind this one came from a song called Paranoid Circus by a band called Lyriel



Guinea Pig Comics

It’s been a while since I updated this site and especially since I updated the Guinea Pig part of this, unfortunately we’ve had multiple guineas since I last updated this but I’ve still kept up with the comics. The reason I didn’t update was because they were being Published in a magazine (The Guinea Pig Magazine- However, they have a new artist in so I get to kick back.

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