I currently have one published book-

Devil’s Kiss


Sixteen-year-old Jet thought life was just simple, things revolved around her hockey commitments at school and video games. That was until one wild party later her world got turned upside down. She finds herself being sent to Onyx academy and into a world she never knew existed.

It soon becomes clear Jet isn’t as human as she thought and the new discovery brings forward new danger. Jet that to trust that her old friend, Sabbath, who is also hiding a secret of his own, can protect her.

I’m currently working on the sequel to this book!

Other project

Goddess of Change.

A modern day twist to the Hades and Persephone story.

Alexa Persephone, just wants to get to university in one piece. However, life has over plans. Back when the Greek Gods and Goddesses ruled, Demeter had to make a promise to Hades, one she would regret. As a form of payment Demeter must have a daughter with the name Persephone and give her to Hades between the ages of 14-18.

Alexa’s 18th birthday is arising and the deadline is close, by denying everything in the Greek mythology world is untrue Alexa has avoided Hades’ grasp.

One slip up and Alexa finds herself being hunted not just by Hades, but one of Hades’ Ex lovers.


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