Writing Project- Goddess of Change- Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“What happened to you yesterday?” Yuuki asked before I could even think about sitting down in our form room. Sunny cream paint and red plastic furniture, someone missed the memo this school is for 12-19 year olds. Yuuki sat on top of her table. It had become an accepted fact; she didn’t sit on a chair unless she wanted to.

“You wouldn’t believe me. Even if I told you.” I groaned, slamming my head on the table, in the middle of the room, trying to recall how I got here. My head had been drifting in and out of attention.

“Try me.” I’m sure she is smiling.

“A guy called Hades tried to kidnap me.” It gets more and more ridiculous every time I think if it. Yuuki on cue began laughing in hysterics, and there was a bang to the other side of me. Sophia had slammed her book down and I have a feeling Yuuki would slam into the floor if she isn’t careful.

“Yuuki, that isn’t funny.”

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Writing Project- Goddess of Change- Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Have you finished?” I questioned once she had slammed the door shut.

“He won’t be coming back.” She assured, I’m not sure who she is trying to dissuade I saw the glimmers of uncertainty in her face.

“Who were they?” I asked pulling both ear buds out. She stopped her fussing with the flower arrangement by the door.

“They were no one. Please forget about them.” So, no one had basically scared the life out of me… Please don’t let her decide to change jobs to go into any therapy-based career. “Now about this letter.”

“Most parents would be over the moon if their kid got a conditional offer at university, you know?”

“I am happy for you. I just think you should wait a bit before going across the country for a few years.”

“Oh because in, “A bit,” This town is going to look so attractive!” I argued, standing up having half a mind to run to my room.

“You don’t know what is out there!”

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Writing project- Goddess of Change- Chapter 1

As I mentioned briefly in my last post I’m going to start posting some written work up here. I’m going to be posting hopefully frequently chapters from my NanoWriMo (National Write a Novel in a Month) Project. 

This is chapter 1, the prologue can be found under Writing and Goddess of Change

Goddess of Change is a modern day twist of the Hades and Persephone story


Chapter 1

Present day


When I was five, I learned how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism because I was bored. I had no brothers to keep me occupied and I learned from an early age, the only way my half sister and me would see eye-to-eye would be if I ripped her eyes out. Tempting, shame it would be illegal with a long prison sentence.

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Painting project

So, I haven’t updated this in a while, sorry about that. I’ve recently been diagnosed with something called fibromyalgia, for those who don’t know it, it’s a sucky condition that takes away a huge chunk of your life.

But anyway onto more creative aspects, the past few weeks I’ve been doing more painting then digital work, I wanted to get back to basics.

Most of the paintings are done in Watercolour. It may sound weird but I prefer working more with fluid, in contrast than the solid colour you find in my digital work.

Untitled (2015)

Untitled (2015)

Untitled (2015)

I will admit to using gouache for the sky on this one. Because I hadn’t done traditional painting in a while, this was my piece just to get comfortable.

Broken window (2015)

Broken window (2015)

Broken window (2015)

This  was created using Acrylic and Water colour.

Stained glass windows and gothic architecture are something I always seem to go back too when I do traditional medias but this time I wanted do something different.

I wanted to use the stained glass window as skin, which when you break and peel off it reveals something important on the other side.

Broken Snowglobe (2015)

Broken Snowglobe (2015)

Broken snow globe (2015)

I’ve had two theories about this piece, both centred on the bird in the picture.

One person saw it as the bird had broken the snow globe

Another saw it as the bird had broken out of the snow globe.

The aim of this picture was to show the bird was imprisoned and searching for freedom, the roses and bars of the cage keep it locked in and the snow globe could have acted as another prison or another layer could be the small city in the snow globe could act as another way out.

I’ll update with more painting hopefully in the next few weeks.

Also another thing I’ll be hoping to put on this site is my written work