The Secret Art League

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I have decided (2017) to end The Secret Art League. Probably no surprise there. It’s a long story, one of the things being I know I started off a competition but someone from the university took all the forms (Which had been filled out) Plus it has been 4 years since I had done #1.

Started 2013.

I wanted to create a world, where my childhood daydreams of having super powers was true. I grew up with X-men cartoons, yes I have had the injuries to prove I cannot fly like Storm and I gave myself a headache trying to see if I had telekinesis. Luckily Harry Potter came along before any serious injuries could be made. However, I am still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts.

The Secret Art League gave the chance for people to change themselves. Well if your changing the world, why not let the people in it change? The characters are based on what the people, who wanted to be in the comic, wanted.

The danger in that world can relate to something in the real world. The Government+Art Funding= Headaches and hours on the profanity buzzer for any artist that comes into contact with it.

It wouldn’t be an interesting comic if I just let 17 super powered art university students battle forms..l If you want to see that though, go into a university and see if you can see the art students who are doing their dissertation. Get them at the right time there is a chance they are that high on caffeine it may seem like they are running or talking at hyper speed.

Simple terms. This comic includes. Cyborg-Zombies. Artists. Superpowers. Ninja Fighting Skills. Randomness. A Secret base. Fighting against the government. A new country. And whatever else my mind can come up with, with the ideas people have given me.

As I have mentioned, more information is available on the site but here’s the first comic

Secret art league #1