Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Have you finished?” I questioned once she had slammed the door shut.

“He won’t be coming back.” She assured, I’m not sure who she is trying to dissuade I saw the glimmers of uncertainty in her face.

“Who were they?” I asked pulling both ear buds out. She stopped her fussing with the flower arrangement by the door.

“They were no one. Please forget about them.” So, no one had basically scared the life out of me… Please don’t let her decide to change jobs to go into any therapy-based career. “Now about this letter.”

“Most parents would be over the moon if their kid got a conditional offer at university, you know?”

“I am happy for you. I just think you should wait a bit before going across the country for a few years.”

“Oh because in, “A bit,” This town is going to look so attractive!” I argued, standing up having half a mind to run to my room.

“You don’t know what is out there!”

“Mum, apparently, people you call, “No one,” Have added stuff onto my therapy list! If I’m supposed to forget about being kidnapped, then I can forget about the rest of the bad stuff out there.”

Afterwards, I headed up stairs leaving her in a shocked state at the bottom of the stairs. She knew to leave me alone, after we have had our arguments. It is my, as she calls it, “Sulking time,” I don’t think she ever expects me to grow up in a sense. If only I knew what it is actually like to be a child.

Half an hour later, after getting changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I’m too restless to stay in one room.

My skin felt oddly warm, almost burning, which didn’t help to the on edge feeling. I wanted to be submerged in ice water, to get rid of everything I’m feeling. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that ice cold baths are not good on the body.

The alternate plan is to wander out of the house. Along the way, I found the note that told me, my mum had gone out.

I have no idea why we live in a house this big, when it’s just her and me living here, even when Sarah comes home this place is still too big compared to other houses. My mum is a single mother with an office job, from what I’ve seen in this town we should be living in a place half the size of this.

The more annoying thing is, the two others occupants of this house are allowed to leave when they want. I am bound here by rules and by guilt if I ever tried to break those rules.

The guilt, I decided, wouldn’t bother me. I aimed the annoyance I am feeling at my mum. As for the crazy people, they wouldn’t try again on the same day. Or that’s what I’m trying to tell myself.

I headed out to the stream. I could have thrown myself in the pond there. However, that is saved for summer holiday time when I am with Yuuki and Sophia, I’ll admit, they regularly had to jump in and save me.

Swimming lessons were another thing that are not high on the Alexa’s education and life list, I’m sure my mum secretly created, even if she didn’t know it.

The second best thing was to take my shoes off and dip my feet in the clear water. Tall leafy trees covered the surrounding area; this is always an isolated space. Even in the autumn.

This place is basically in the middle of nowhere, walk along the stream and you could get to the tomb like place I was taken to earlier. In the autumn you had the bonus security system, where you could hear the leaves crunch, when someone approached.

This time it’s different. I wished there were dead leaves on the ground so I could hear movement. It feels like I’m being watched.

Then a low branch, opposite me, rustled. I jumped, splashing the water when bringing my legs to my chest in defence. I quickly glanced around hoping it is some thing, instead of someone, in the area.

“I’m becoming paranoid.” I muttered, staring at the same branch. I kept looking at it to be certain it might have been the wind, before lying back.

Some strange wind that decided to hit that branch.

On second thoughts, maybe it could have been a bird?

The sun is too bright. Closing my eyes this time with my feet firmly on the ground. I’d be happy to see if the branches shadowing over me do appear on my pale skin, if I tan. Unfortunately, I don’t tan easy. Thankfully, I don’t burn either. My skin for the summer and spring tended to be stubborn as stone. I guess the sun would need to attack it with a chisel and hammer to have some effect. I’m not that desperate to have fake tan, the orange girls at school put me off that method, at least until I get desperate. I also kept my pallid skin to keep me different from Sarah and my mother, who could keep a decent Mediterranean tan all year round.

There’s no wind. However, I could feel a faint tickling on my left arm. Figuring, it’s a bug, I tried moving my arm, but the feeling followed. Only this time I could feel almost a pattern being etched into my skin.

That’s what made me get up. Quickly looking around to find, no one is there. I’m not sure what would have freaked me out more. Finding someone there or not. The familiar tingling feeling in my arm I had before the tickling had become stronger.

I had to muffle a shriek with my right hand.

Someone had to have been there.

Either that or my body decided to turn parts of my skin on my arm red so it looked like an old-fashioned type signature. Whoever wrote it, has a fancy signature, but should also be a doctor.

Do I run?

Or do I go to see if there is actually anyone here?

My mind’s screaming run.

However, my curiosity finally made an appearance after a long break. I know curiosity killed the cat, but the cat would have died anyway. It was making its life more interesting. The only way it would have been different was if the cat was immortal, then that saying would have never been invented. I think the prospect of an immortal cat, or an immortal anything would flip the books anyway. Or at least it would screw up my mind.

“Hello?” I asked sitting on my knees, if I did need to run I could jump up. I’d be thankful if there isn’t anyone there. Then it might look less weird that I’m talking to myself in a louder volume than I usually do.

I heard a light laugh, which scared me enough to make me jump to my feet. When I felt something brush against me, that’s when I ran.

Once I got back, I realised I had been out later than I thought. It isn’t past curfew but I still had to sneak in. Avoiding getting noticed as I passed the living room. The TV is on and I could see by peeking around the doorframe my mum’s feet propped up on the footstool. Looks like someone had decided to leave me alone.

Sleep is the second thing on my mind as I climbed to my room. My first haunting thought is that some invisible thing is following me. I knew that’s impossible. I think science would have announced any invisibility developments and I’m not one to believe in ghosts or the supernatural. They are just good for plot lines in old horror movies.

The thought of barricading my door crossed my mind, in case there is something that could open the door stalking me. If for some reason there’s a fire. I could leg it out of the window… However, I’m not sure of my survival rate, my room is the attic room. So, any escape through the window would mean I would most likely slip down the roof and then fall to my death.

After fidgeting for three quarters of an hour. I finally got a short, restless, night sleep. What had happened today is good for one reason; I couldn’t stay asleep for long. What was happening in the reality, kept me out of the blurred world, which I went to, in my sleep.

I woke up more worried.

That world slowly seemed to becoming clearer. In a way it calmed me, but I dreaded what I might see. I called it a nightmare for a reason.


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