Guinea Pigs

Recently started a new-ish project, it was part of the Twisted Sister’s comic project, but recently after feedback-

Cavy Corner’s Pignic. Cavy Corner is a guinea pig sanctuary  in Doncaster (South Yorkshire, England) that looks after piggies and often try to find them a new home

But anyway the pignic involved lots of guinea pigs and their owners coming and having a picnic, well the guinea pigs ate the owners just admired all the piggies.

I decided to make the guinea pig pictures an on going thing, here’s the first two- Look out here for some more pigtures in the coming future!




The Hideout- Staring Totoro


Mental Health art project- Update

 I’ve created 4 new images for the mental health project I’m doing, This project has become part of my- Time To Talk Pledge-

I pledged to educate others about mental health and raise awareness. 

Bipolar worlds

Bipolar Worlds (2013)
Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder but it also changes depending on the mood how the person sees the world.

Dissociative disorder

Dissociative Disorder (Depersonalisation/Derealisation) Unlike Multiple Personality disorder people with Depersonalisation can feel out of control, often like they are seeing themselves do things, but there is not another personality controlling them


Psychosis (2013)
Hallucinations, Delusions that are not always linked to Schizophrenia.

Time to Talk

Time to Talk- Time to change



Link to the rest of my images for this collection-

Also, look out here for more of this collection and for updates