Felting Project (2018)

I’ve been felting on and off for a few years now, but found myself doing more in the past few weeks. It’s a good way of dealing with stress, basically it involves getting some special wool and the method I use is to get a felting needle and stab the wool till it matts together.

img_0257-1Heart, (2018)

This was mainly an experiment that turned out well. I don’t know what possessed me to create an actual heart, I didn’t want to create a love heart as in the end it wouldn’t be something that reflected me









Felt door

Through the door (2018)

I’ve often been told I’m a, “Landscape artist.” Although I prefer to think of myself as a contemporary artist who uses different media. Along with the Heart this was me experimenting with felting, possibly proving others point that I may be a landscape artist as the first thing I create is of course a landscape.





Felt Roses 1Felt roses 2


Roses (2018)

I’ve actually found myself making a lot of these. Along with landscapes something I tend to draw a lot of, since I learned how to draw them when I was 15, is roses. Like most art I never know how it’s going to turn out. I guess with making more of them, it turned out well. Then I tried focusing on how to arrange them. Decorating them in netting and adding sequins to make a bouquet seemed appropriate. I also created single roses (The bouquet ended up being an Easter present). The single roses are meant also to be presents. Surprisingly, I refuse at the moment to make black roses, although I suspect I will make some later as the only colour wool I will have left is black. For the moment though I’m focusing on the lighter colours, due to it being spring.




Felt Window




Through the Window (2018).

Combining the landscape and roses theme. First attempt at creating roses.