Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Sophia decided to leave after her exam leaving me with Yuuki at lunch.

“It was a dark and stormy night,” The all too familiar girl next to me said in an eerie voice as she worked on trying to create a new story. I could tell in her voice she actually wished it were a dark and stormy night. Unfortunately for her, it’s midday and the weather forecast for the next few hours is said to be clear skies.

“Stop kidding yourself, Yuuki,” I sighed. Yuuki, even with her over optimistic view on things, I had to keep her around. She’s the girl who latched onto me in playgroup, after she was found hiding in the freezer. Turns out that was a common thing with her, she was attracted to the cold. The rest of the small children’s minds put it down to her being Japanese.

“Now that’s why you failed art class that time. You have no imagination.”

“You’re the imagination girl, Sophia is the factual and wisdom girl. I am the factual girl. If it has unreasonable powers, cannot be explained by science or is classed under fiction or mythology, it’s a figment of someone’s imagination and is not true.” Although with recent events, I think this town is doing pretty well in bridging the reality, imagination gap.

“This coming from a girl with the middle name Per-,” Quickly I sat up to give a warning stare to the blue eyed pigtailed girl hiding under the cream parasol scribbling in a pink book. If me muttering that name got me kidnapped, someone out right confirming it would probably make the ground swallow me up.

Yuuki partly understood my hatred for my name. My middle name is easy to hide and deny. Yuuki tries to hide her surname at every turn, even going as far as to convince the school staff she is on the same level as Madonna and doesn’t have one. She only partly understands as she does have the ability to joke about her name, Yuuki Onna, is a story of a seducing ice mistress. Living in England not many people know much about Japanese folklore so there isn’t much of a connection. I on the other hand, it looks like actual kidnapping is on the agenda now, rather than the wide eyed, “Oh really?” Reaction.

“Remember I know where they keep all the stuff to make explosives in the chemistry lab.” I threatened. Yuuki gave a short laugh before replying.

“A normal nerd would have said they knew where they kept the acid. Your answer bordered on serial killer nerd. Congratulations you fulfil the role of destroyer.”

“It’s not my fault Athena has been tutoring me since I was five! That woman knows everything! I swear I-” Yuuki suddenly shut me up before I could go on by putting a hand over my mouth.

“You were about to go on into geeky scientific gabble,” She informed putting her hand down.

“Was not.”

“Look, one thing I have learned from being around you. We need to shut you up when you determinedly say, “I swear,” Or decide to go on a nag about your chemistry class or you try and compare anything. Even Sophia doesn’t know what you say sometimes. And I’m sorry someone has to tell you this, at least three of those times I swear you were speaking in Greek.”

“Why couldn’t my mum be normal?” I groaned falling back.

“Do you want to come over to mine after school and eat noodles?” Yuuki said in sympathetic tone. Noodles and a taste of her Japanese home life is Yuuki’s answer to all my home life problems. Apart from the outside front structure of the house Yuuki’s parents tried to keep everything inside authentic Japanese.

“My mum’s expecting me home on time.”

“Aww, but my Oto-San is bringing home a fire breathing chicken.” I lifted my head up staring at her confused. Her dad is bringing home what?

“I don’t know if I want to know…”

It is like the bell is telling me, ‘no you really don’t want to know,’ ringing to say lunch had ended after my sentence.

“How about I come over to your house and we have an anime night?” Yuuki excitedly questioned while we tried to avoid the uniformed minions who were finding their way inside.

“And let you miss the fire breathing chicken?” I gasped in mock horror, putting a hand on my chest.

“There’ll be other chickens.”

“Chickens, yes. Fire breathing ones? I seriously doubt so.”

“You need to open your mind.”

“That can lead to brain damage.”

“Your metaphorical mind! I’m not suggesting you crack open your skull.” Yuuki yelled as I skipped off down the hall to history.

History class was actually my decision, after I found out the history being taught was strictly British history and wouldn’t even touch Greeks or even Greece, I jumped. Plus, I had to pick one more subject and it was either this, art or the English subjects. In English I’m good with the debating side. The describing and creative writing side I only passed by rewriting the stories my mum used to tell me. Basically Zeus became a guy called Peter and he owned a very large company. It ended up as a debate; the CEO got taken to court due to sexual harassment and for not taking care of all the kids he had created.

Today’s history lesson is going to be fairly easy, due to the exam; the lesson consists of the teacher droning on about what we had learned and what could possibly be on the test.

I was surprised when I got out that Yuuki was waiting.

“Checking I didn’t crack open my skull?”

“I need an excuse to come and say bye?”

“Well you do,”

“I’m just making sure that you can tell your kids and grandkids, on your last few days of seventeen, that I was there.” She sang dancing down the hall.

“Right I’m sure I’m going to re-tell every detail of my life.” I shook my head in disbelief wondering if she actually thinks about what she says.

Yuuki is lucky, she got outside and she could run to her little Beetle. She lives on the other side of town so I often ended up shooting down any offers of a lift. In a way I liked the walk home, the nature loving part of my mum rubbed off on me a bit. Although, recently one of the houses I have to pass, bought a dog and I think every time the dog sees me it sees the word, “Lunch,” over my head.

“Are you sure you don’t want a lift?” Yuuki asked leaning on her bright orange car.

“Yep, I’m sure.” I smirked walking away and awkwardly waving, due to the blue satchel I’m carrying.


The walk to my house, by the main route, on a good day is twenty minutes away. I have a feeling today isn’t going to be an average walk home. That impression got worse as I approached the house that marked the ten-minute away mark to my house, or as I commonly know it, the house with the dog.

Someone had forgotten to close the gate… or someone is just setting up a Youtube moment, a few people know that dog has it in for me. The dog came strutting out to glare and growl at me. I panicked.

I ran as fast as a woman could in standard heeled shoes and leg tangling trousers.

I fiddled getting my mobile out of my blazer pocket.

Yuuki would spend minutes on the phone laughing; my mum would freak till nightfall.

I decided on Sophia.

I could hear the dog bark get closer and as I messed with my contact list something else happened.

“Get back!” A black haired, middle-aged man appeared out of nowhere. What is it with strange men with heavy English accents appearing? Is it a new parasite? Thinking about it, I think, men would want that parasite.

He pushed me behind him. I’m not sure if I should keep on running but as soon as mans hand left my back I, “Gracefully,” Tripped.

It’s like the guy had a staring competition with the dog, then he mumbled something in another language and like that the dog walked away. I need to learn that trick.

“Sorry about that, it won’t happen again…” I’m sure I heard him mutter, “With that animal,” He held out his hand to help me up, hesitantly I accepted.

“Are you ok?” He asked inspecting my gazed palms; I was fast at snatching them way from him leaving him surprised.

“I’m fine. Thanks… I have to go.” I’m going to be under house arrest if my mother hears about this morning and this. It’s going to be bad enough if she’s still thinking over new rules after considering yesterday’s fiasco.

“Be careful Alexa.” I stared at him, how did he know my name? My instincts kicked in again. Unfortunately, in this situation my satchel ended up swinging at the man’s head before I ran away. Only my grip loosened on my swing, meaning I had left my bag with mystery man.