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As things go on, things change. 2012 I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. 2016 I was also told I had Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). After 14 sessions of CBT, where it was found that my Art work really helped with me and my mood swings, (Both Bipolar and BPD are associated with dire mood swings) I’ve decided to put my digital work associated with mental health into it’s own category. Thankfully, also I’ve managed to stay out of mental hospital for 2 years now so there obviously hasn’t been any update with that. However, the mental illness is still there.


Mercy Tree (2017)

Mercy Tree (2017)- When it comes to mental health issues, time seems like an important thing. An episode of Mania, depression and/or psychosis, can last for days, weeks or even months, the ticking of the clock can get annoying waiting for the episode to pass. You can hope that the episode will go as fast as possible but the truth is, it will last as long as it wants too. Telling someone to, “Get over it,” Never works. Each cog on the tree represents a day. You need to wait, till each cog has fallen for the clocks to stop again before the sky becomes clear blue again.

Inner Child5

Inner Child (2017)

Inner Child (2017)– One of the things mentioned in my CBT was that emotionally, I’m still a child. I held onto the hope of someone telling me in my childhood that, “Everything is ok,”  For so long, I haven’t grown up properly, hence one of the reasons I have Borderline personality disorder. This piece was to show that no matter what the make up, there is still that piece of me that is anxious when it comes to people because I’m worried about what they will say or do. I can hide behind the make up, pretend to be brave but in the end the part of me that experienced the emotional abuse growing up is still there and is sensitive to that around me.


Freedom (2017)

Freedom (2017) If you’ve been stuck in a situation long enough, you can feel trapped in it. However, once you get out, there then comes the task of having to fix yourself. Like if you’re abused by someone, it can take time trying to get out of it but then there is the task of fixing the emotional scars.


Nyctophobia (2014)



Independence (2014)

Bipolar worlds

Bipolar Worlds (2013)

Bipolar worlds (2013) Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder but it also changes depending on the mood how the person sees the world.

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Anxiety (2013)

Anxiety (2013)  Sometimes panic when in big crowds. Too many people around me occasionally freaks me out, I worry if something might happen.  I went though something that burst the bubble I like to live in, so for the moment when I go outside I have to live in the real world, but everything moves faster and blurs because for me I feel like I’m frozen on the ground, dreading something similar or worse might happen