Painting- And Night Fell

And Night Fell (2017)

And Night fell


Oil painting and paper cutting on canvas.

I was inspired on the long train journey home from Whitby- usually it takes just over an hour to get back but this time we got on the train that took over 2 hours.

I loved the colours of the sky, as the sun had just started to set earlier, like they where burning on the contrasting black horizon. Hints of black and blue running though the sky are like the veins of the sky and the earth. The black paper cuttings were covering the silver and blue patterns symbolising the day has ended although the sun for the moment is still there. Also this links to my obsession with Greek Mythology as I wanted to show the day ending, going to sleep and night, Nyx, is covering the sky, but like everything they are alive.

Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night–a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn.


Home (2017)


Oil on canvas’

Depicting a feature on the front of Conisbrough Library and the smaller pictures are, Conisbrough Viaduct, part of St Peter’s church and the Conisbrough sign.

I’ve been wanting to do something with the Conisbrough library, especially with the wheel on front of it for a while now, as it’s somewhere I went often growing up. The idea was for the smaller canvas’ where part of the wheel coming off of it whilst depicting parts of Conisbrough’s history.

Painting Project + Update


Dreamer.png Cage on the Ground (2017)

Inspired by the Flyleaf Song Cage on the Ground. The song really speaks to me, as to me personally it talks about the cage we all are stuck in but we do have a chance to escape it and break out of this control society has on us









As I have mentioned in my artwork and explanations, I have various mental health conditions. I’m actually happy to announce my story on Bipolar and one of my artworks has been published on The Guardian Website 🙂


Fanart- Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses Valentine fan art competition

V.K Valentines FanArt.jpg

Around February Author Ellen Schreiber announced a fan art competition for her manga/book series Vampire Kisses as a major fan of the books I decided to have a go… I was one of the 2 winners and won a signed book and book mark 🙂

Painting project


Mirror Mirror on the wall, will there be glory if I fall? (2016)

This one was inspired by Lacey Sturm’s song Rot, from the album Life Screams. 



Whitby and Lace (2016)

I’ve spent a few weeks in Whitby this year and wanted to capture some scenery of it, so I decided to put the tiring steps, up to the Abbey to use. Using Watercolours whilst adding some of my own personal touches to it.

Painting Project

The Good and the Bad (2016)

The idea behind this painting came from my latest depression cycle. I keep getting fed up of people telling me that the down mood will pass. The thing is I know it will pass, I remember the good times, but the problem is those memories do nothing to effect my mood when it is in that deep

Chasing those good times

The paranoid fairground

The Paranoid Fairground (2016)

Ok, I’ll admit this is felt tip and not paint.

The idea behind this one came from a song called Paranoid Circus by a band called Lyriel


Painting project

So, I haven’t updated this in a while, sorry about that. I’ve recently been diagnosed with something called fibromyalgia, for those who don’t know it, it’s a sucky condition that takes away a huge chunk of your life.

But anyway onto more creative aspects, the past few weeks I’ve been doing more painting then digital work, I wanted to get back to basics.

Most of the paintings are done in Watercolour. It may sound weird but I prefer working more with fluid, in contrast than the solid colour you find in my digital work.

Untitled (2015)

Untitled (2015)

Untitled (2015)

I will admit to using gouache for the sky on this one. Because I hadn’t done traditional painting in a while, this was my piece just to get comfortable.

Broken window (2015)

Broken window (2015)

Broken window (2015)

This  was created using Acrylic and Water colour.

Stained glass windows and gothic architecture are something I always seem to go back too when I do traditional medias but this time I wanted do something different.

I wanted to use the stained glass window as skin, which when you break and peel off it reveals something important on the other side.

Broken Snowglobe (2015)

Broken Snowglobe (2015)

Broken snow globe (2015)

I’ve had two theories about this piece, both centred on the bird in the picture.

One person saw it as the bird had broken the snow globe

Another saw it as the bird had broken out of the snow globe.

The aim of this picture was to show the bird was imprisoned and searching for freedom, the roses and bars of the cage keep it locked in and the snow globe could have acted as another prison or another layer could be the small city in the snow globe could act as another way out.

I’ll update with more painting hopefully in the next few weeks.

Also another thing I’ll be hoping to put on this site is my written work