Digital Art/ Mental Health Project

Defusion techniques FINALDefusion Techniques (2017)– It was part of my CBT, to get me to challenge the negative thoughts. To make it better to remember I drew this taking my pet rabbit- Poirot, as a muse. Ok, it doesn’t help all the time to challenge thoughts, especially if you have a mind like mine where you end up having arguments with yourself. I figured I’d show one way to help negative thinking. With Depression, Bipolar disorder or any mental health issue, it’s probably the number 1 trigger.








Fall to PiecesFall to pieces (2017)- One thing about Borderline Personality disorder, I try to get across to people is the oversensitivity some of us have. One little change and our emotions can shift in a matter of seconds. Stability turns into a nervous wreck. It’s like one gust of wind and you’ll find yourself falling to pieces with no idea how to piece yourself back.





Independence & Nyctophobia (Mental Health Project)


Nyctophobia (2014), is a phobia` characterised by a severe fear of the dark. It is triggered by the brain’s disfigured perception of what would, or could, happen when in a dark environment.

Chances are we all had a time when we were afraid of the dark as a child, it’s where the monsters lurked. The trouble is when you are afraid of the dark when you are an adult. I have a phobia of sleep and I’ll admit part of it is down to those irrational thoughts that my brain is telling me. “If you sleep something will come and get you.”



Independence (2014)-

Independence- the ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people

What does Independence mean to you?

Freedom, it’s that light that offers some form of hope, a way out, when things feel too dark and you feel too tired to keep on fighting though everyones boundaries. I get trapped in that forest, of darkness and chains too often feeling the pressures of those around me but it’s remembering to look up at the way out which is difficult when you are focused on the troubles in front of you