Home (2017)


Oil on canvas’

Depicting a feature on the front of Conisbrough Library and the smaller pictures are, Conisbrough Viaduct, part of St Peter’s church and the Conisbrough sign.

I’ve been wanting to do something with the Conisbrough library, especially with the wheel on front of it for a while now, as it’s somewhere I went often growing up. The idea was for the smaller canvas’ where part of the wheel coming off of it whilst depicting parts of Conisbrough’s history.


Painting- Centennial, Fallen Poppies

Fallen Poppies (2017)

This painting is mainly a link to my childhood. I grew up in a small town in the UK called Conisbrough, one of the iconic buildings there is Conisbrough Castle, along with that I grew up with a link to history as well as the history of the castle, there was also the history of the World War 1 monument outside it. The poppy is also important to me as well as like others it’s a reminder of the the wars, but there is also a link to my (amazing) mum (Who loves history) but collects the WW1 linked poppies because of the symbolism of them.

I have some small canvas’ going spare with no idea what to do with them, the idea for this piece was to layer up the art work. Each piece focusing on the fall of the poppy, as you grow up you realise more and more what the poppy is about. It starts off with just being a flower linked to some kind of war then as you go into adulthood it becomes much more than that.
Fallen Poppies

Guinea Pigs

Recently started a new-ish project, it was part of the Twisted Sister’s comic project, but recently after feedback-

Cavy Corner’s Pignic. Cavy Corner is a guinea pig sanctuary  in Doncaster (South Yorkshire, England) that looks after piggies and often try to find them a new home


But anyway the pignic involved lots of guinea pigs and their owners coming and having a picnic, well the guinea pigs ate the owners just admired all the piggies.

I decided to make the guinea pig pictures an on going thing, here’s the first two- Look out here for some more pigtures in the coming future!




The Hideout- Staring Totoro