Twisted Sisters, Collaboration

Twisted Sisters is a collaboration project. So, far it is Photography and drawings. However, it is also a network of three artists and a journalist/photographer suggesting ideas and helping each other on projects. We also plan to do more collaborations in the future.

I have a lot of people who I consider family in my life, most of them are creative.

Twisted Sisters was brought together 2012 after me and my real sister decided to bring together our work which involved one another. It started 2008 as a photography project, as she is a photographer we would come up with themes and I would act as model. 2011 This developed into an drawn project. Photography could capture one still moment I began to create comic strips that told conversations that me and my biological sister (Natalie) had. My two other close friends, who are also carrying art degrees, were also invited to join in this ongoing series.

Photography Project-

Comic Project-

People who have involvement in this project

Natalie Wood (Not the dead actress)- @Natariiwood

Artist, Helen Hall-

Artist, Kathryn Davison-