Writing Project- Goddess of Change- Chapter 7

Chapter 7



After the nauseating, speed breaking journey, I found out another thing that Sophia is going to kill me for. At least there is going to be one reason I would know why she is angry. Yuuki left to keep up the story that we hadn’t gone out.

No one is here to defend me.

“I’ve lost my keys.” I squeaked showing the hole in my summer coat pocket. I swear Sophia thought of multiple ways to kill me in that second.

“You! -” She screamed not able to end the sentence. She stood waving her arms and biting her lip that signalled I needed to get out of the way.

“Climb over the fence and quickly get in through the kitchen doors, then let me in.” She sneered. The private back garden, my mum had put a spare door key to the French doors in one of the hanging baskets. I don’t think she ever imagined it would be needed for a situation like this.

Without question, I hoisted myself over the wooden fence working on falling onto the floor with zero injury. I managed to finish my mission then let Sophia in so she could continue her secret, but noticeably obvious, mission.

“I need to call my aunt.” Sophia said barging in through the door as I opened it.

“What is wrong?” I screamed walking into the living room before deciding to pick up the pretzels and jump on the sofa. I’m starting to think whatever it is. They are over thinking it.

“Athena is coming over.” Sophia informed in a hurry.

“Well, I’m not allowed to open the door for anyone but you. I hope she brought an umbrella.” I said realising it had started pouring it down. Well this is England, if it didn’t rain in summer I’d believe tectonic plates are moving faster and moved us South.

“Lucky for you I know how to open doors and you left the key in sight.” She’s definitely my babysitter. I wonder if my mum is paying her for this.

“While you run around getting your blood pressure up, I’m going to get a drink.” I announced feeling slightly drained. I could do with knowing what Sophia is panicking about I think my own blood pressure could do with a raise.

“Stay away from the windows!” I didn’t bother to remind her that there were large French doors and floor to ceiling windows in the kitchen. She may have been blowing this whole thing out of proportion, if there is actually anything happening.

I figured for once, mother wouldn’t mind me drinking the orange juice straight out of the carton, considering the house is on DEFCON 4 possibly DEFCON 3. My mind began to wonder dangerously into the territory of what could I get away with under these conditions.

Sophia is pacing the hall waiting for Athena. I kept myself busy perched on the worktop counter, I couldn’t concentrate for long, the drained feeling got worse and my hair tugging stress tell, started again.


“Yeah.” I nearly yawned only able to keep myself up by shaking my head.

“Are you alright?” The urgency back in her voice.

“I’m little bit cold.” Which didn’t make much sense considering all the heating in here. Just because I’m cold in a warm room does not mean, I believe in ghosts.

“We need to get you into the main room.”

“Is this where you tell me my mum has a secret panic room?” I asked as she helped me off the counter.

“Now that would be over the top… But maybe with you and some of your ideas that may be necessary.” As we get to the hall someone, my money is on Athena, knocked at the door.

“Living room, now!” Sophia commanded pointing to the room as she went to the door.

“Can someone tell me what’s happening?” I questioned while Athena made sure the door is secure.

“You have damned yourself.” I love Athena; she is always straight to the point. “Your mother and nearly everyone around you have been fighting to get you to your eighteenth birthday, after that there was no way he would come after you.”

“Wait. Can’t we call the police?”

“He’s the God of the Underworld hardly anyone can stop him.” Sophia cried, I then fell off the sofa laughing; after most of the giggling had subsided I managed to gasp what I wanted to say while using the coffee table to support me getting up onto my knees.

“This is a joke right? You’re playing with my middle name?”

“Trust me, I wish we were joking.” My mood flattened. Coming from anyone else I wouldn’t really believe it. Coming from Athena, unless she has suddenly grown a sense of humour, I knew there must have been a hint of truth to this.

“It’s not true. They’re stories!” I argued standing up.

“You must have said you believed in him.”

“I said it would be a joke if I did. Did they leave Greek Gods and Goddesses selective hearing out of the stories?” If that’s true, I believe Sarah is definitely one.

“Hey, you are one!” Athena scorned.

“I AM NOT!” I screamed, which followed by the sounds of each filament in the light bulbs in the house breaking.

Plunging the living room into darkness due to the closed curtains, I took that opportunity to run. Knowing the front door is locked. I headed out the kitchen French doors, hoping I had enough energy to jump another fence. I heard Sophia and Athena shout after me as I closed the door; I knew enough to lock them in. That did leave me out in the rain in a t-shirt that is far from rain friendly and jeans that were definitely going to start weighing me down in this weather.

I ran for the far fence, thanking my mum for putting lattices up. I was about to swing myself over when I got grabbed and dragged back down.

“Be quiet.” It was heavy English accent telling me to stop screaming. I knew again from the slight shock I got from the contact, it isn’t Hades.

“We need to get you inside.”

“I am not going back.” I yelled, he turned me around and gave me a stare that honestly would have me running back inside. I think I know how he scared that dog.

“Young lady you are getting back inside or so help you, when me and your mother finish talking, I will give you a talk that will make up for the past 17 years and 363 days.” I shut my mouth instantly.

It is his threat and the fact I’m feeling anxious again, made me and the gallon of rain I have collected trudge back inside. Sophia thankfully waited with towels when I finally got back in.

“I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Thanatos, your father.” Thanatos, the God of non-violent death is my… Is this Greek mythology mixed with Star Wars?

“You chose to tell me that now. I’m battling with reality here; you think I need to question where I’ve come from!”

“Calm down you’ve already blown the lights in this place.” He ordered. Athena is currently working to replace the bulbs in the kitchen.

“Stop it!” I groaned sinking to the floor.

“I’m sorry but you need to know this. They’ve probably told you you’re a Goddess but you are actually more like Goddess with part Shinigami.” I’m part death spirit?

“I can’t deal with this!” I hummed holding my head in my hands.

“Hopefully, your mother won’t be too long, she’ll be on her way home. Demeter should just be negotiating with Zeus.” Athena said, like she was trying to comfort me. I whimpered at the thought. This will be the last thing she’ll need.

My emotions sharply turned realising nearly everything is a lie. This is the last thing I need. My mother has been lying to me about her identity! Diana Kelly is Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest. It’s like I’ve found out I’ve been adopted. On that conclusion, she has been begging for this hellish situation.

“Alexa, stop thinking of ways to murder your mother. She might have been telling a giant lie for the past 18 years but she was doing it to protect you.” Thanatos admitted in a carefree tone, “Apart from the confusion… And denial. Do you have any sudden feelings?” Thanatos, who I am not about to call dad any time soon, continued this time with some interest.

“Does the nagging feeling to go outside count? And I don’t mean I’m going to run off, you’ve made that perfectly clear I’m not allowed to do. And bearing in mind you seem to believe you are the God of Death that scares me.” I babbled.

“I don’t believe I am; I know I am… Yes, that sounds about right. You’ve had a connection with the Underworld and specifically Hades since you were born, now that connection is stronger. The deeper in the relationship you get-”

“Ok shut up.” I interrupted. “I am no good with men. I know enough to know I am heterosexual but-”

“She has a low tolerance to guys.” Sophia interjected, “On many occasions the guy has ended up getting hurt.”

“You never mentioned this before.” Athena said.

“You really want to know how many guys in the accident books are due to her and not the supposed sports injuries?”

“It’s part of the connection. Majority of the Gods like their women, untouched.”

“I’m a virgin sacrifice?!” I screamed in horror. Apparently, I or at least my recent theory is being ignored. The people in front of me didn’t even glance my way. With that I tried to crawl away. Not to run off. This recent feeling of dread demanded ice cream as comfort. Only Athena sidestepped into my way so I am truly boxed in.

“So, if she lasted till her eighteenth that, “Trait,” would have disappeared? Sophia interrogated.

“Yes, and if she had any over violent thoughts they would have gone too.” Athena answered

“What happened to the original Persephone?” I’m expecting murdered, possibly ripped open by the Underworld guardian Cerberus.

“Now that is a story.” Thanatos answered with a little too much enthusiasm. That answers nothing, is the whole original Persephone thing just a story what was made up or is what happened to her a story that with any luck he will get onto later?

“Wait. That guy yesterday?” So, the crazy cult might not be as insane as I thought.

“He is the real Hades.” Thanatos said. I shrank back even more.

“Hades, showed up today too.” I mumbled. I had only told Yuuki about that. This is news to Sophia.

“At school?” She asked.

“First period. He appeared and I followed him.”

“What were you thinking?” Athena shrieked. She and my mum taught me better than to go with strangers.

“I guess… I don’t know. My brain told me to go.”

“Well she is still here, so-, wait how did you get away?” Thanatos asked. Oh why did this question have to be asked? Especially by him.

“I took him by surprise…” I muttered.

“He’s the God of the Underworld, how did you surprise him?”

“Err… I kissed him.” I answered in a mumbled tone.

“WHAT?” Athena yelled.

“Well, I couldn’t exactly fight him off could I?” I reasoned.

“Why must you get yourself deeper into this mess?” Thanatos sighed.

“What happened yesterday?” Athena demanded, changing the subject. Thanatos breathed again before turning to her.

“One of Hades’ worshipers found Alexa. Poseidon had to convince him to let her go. If he didn’t, Hades would have broken the contract and Alexa would be in the Underworld by now.”

“What contract?” I had a feeling I would regret asking this at one point and with the look of uncertainty and dread on Thanatos and Athena’s faces didn’t comfort me.

“You have to understand. Your mother didn’t mean to sign away…” Athena started only to be interrupted.

“Hades, had to sort something out for Demeter. Hades wanted payment. The price would be a girl, her child, who went by the name Persephone. Hades kept reminding her of this deal, every time the Fates allowed new Gods and Goddesses to be born. As you know the story goes Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Sarah was born; Demeter couldn’t to put her through that. She figured, maybe if we changed the father, Hades, if he found you he would leave you alone. However, when it came to your birth, she lost her nerve… Like she has with her other children. This time was different. We had an agreement with the Fates; the only way you’d survive was if you took the name Persephone. We were wrong about the parentage theory, you being of death spirit blood, actually makes you more attractive to him.” Had Hades been talking to Thanatos about me? I can’t think of any other reason why Thanatos knew what Hades was feeling.

I groaned and finally gathered the strength to stand up. Athena reluctantly stepped out of way. Possibly seeing my depression had hit rock bottom, meaning motivation to run out, ran out without me a while ago.

“I’m going to get changed go to bed and hopefully the monster from under the bed will snatch me.” I grumbled grabbing my bag, also my depression made me grab the nearest box of chocolate cereal.

“Nope they don’t exist.” Sophia informed; I began force-feeding myself the cereal. Secretly hoping another impossible thing would happen and I would be teleported into Coco Pop’s land.

“I’m going to look into cryogenics in the morning then.” I said rolling my eyes making note to actually do that.

“I’ll come up with you,” Sophia volunteered

“I want some alone time. Pretty sure Hades isn’t going to make me jump out of a second-floor window.” Maybe I should consider putting a trampoline under my window too, “By the way, how old is he?” If he’s over 30 I’m running. I wasn’t really in a state to assess how old he was when apparently, we first met.

“Like the rest of us, you don’t want to know our real ages. Physically he’s about 24.”

Thanatos replied. Glad I didn’t suddenly make my age restriction 25 and over because him being 24 would be a clear sign life is laughing at me

“If I end up in the Underworld it sure as hell better have WiFi so I can get on Tumblr.” I nagged walking up the stairs. My addiction to that site was thanks to Yuuki. Who I should probably be contacting to see if she knew any of this. When I finally fell on my unmade bed I knocked out, too much had happened.



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