Me, Art and Projects


– A little about me. I’m Catherine L.

Practicing artist, with a degree from York St John University (UK). My art interest and focus lies in illustration art- experimenting in both digital art (using iPad, SketchBook Pro, Art Set and other programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) and traditional media.

My practice often takes on an eclectic form, taking influences from my own individual personality and society, often creating a different world to escape to. In my work the world changes for the people in it, not like in real life where you are pressured to change for the world.

Click on the images below to be taken to my other projects, which have their own websites, or have a wonder though the other options in the header above.

Logo mini

The Secret Art League- (2013- Current)

An on-going comic series about a group of 3rd year university art students. These students got chosen- or in some cases dragged- to York St John University, not only to study for an art degree but also to train their super powers .

The Government is stomping out the arts sector, all those wanting to do art related subjects, their lives are in danger.  It’s up to the  art students to over throw the governments  plans. While fighting cyborg zombies, who were once artists themselves.

Well did you evah

Well did you Evah- (Found 2012)-

Not exactly an art project – as in drawing, sculpting  etc.- , This is a review blog  for Art, culture and film. It’s a mix of all things old, new and strangely wonderful.

Well Did You Evah also works to support local (Yorkshire) businesses and good causes.

Maintained and updated  by  me= “The Manga obsessed vampire goth,” And a woman with a degree in Journalism= “The Real Life 1940’s Land Girl.” Also on our staff is the 1940’s fox scarf, Mutter Oskar, who is our up and coming, Agony Aunt for Well Did You Evah’s many readers.


Just to explain, Nightmare Cat. Yes it seems like a weird thing to go by. I didn’t want to be normal though.


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